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Seasonal Enthusiasm

Ramadan is over, eid holidays are finished and the religious attitude that we all observed during holy month of Ramadan is also vanished. During the whole month of Ramadan we lived a peaceful life… No earsplitting music in markets and streets, no vulgar dressing, no smoking, no drinking and most important no one was escaping from prayers. For a whole month we observed a pure Islamic environment.

According to new standpoints, It isn’t be wrong saying that we are Muslims only in month of Ramadan as we are Pakistani during the month of August when whole 14 days – august 1 to august 14 – we exhibit love and affection towards our dear home land and make countless promises in front of cameras. Why don’t we keep this attitude towards religion and country throughout the year? Are feeling comes with the season only? Are we not Pakistani Muslims in days except Ramadan, august 14, eid –ul- fitr,    March 23, eid –ul- azha, September 06, muheram 09 & 10, December 25, rabbi –ul- awwal 12…??? What about rest of the year? Will we not be asked by Almighty about other days? We recite Holy Quran on regular basis during Ramadan, but in other days we close it, wrap it in its cover and put it on the upper shelve and its supposed to be open and recite in next Ramadan. Similarly, we decorate our streets and homes with paper flags on august 14, but what happen next morning all the paper flags are on the floor and crushing under our own shoes and none of bother to put it on a side. This is respect we have for our flag. If someone picks that up from the street and put it on side so other one stop him by saying ” it’s only a piece of paper… Sweeper will clean it and put it in trash.”  This is not a piece of paper only, this is our flag our international identity. What about all that countless promises that were made on the Independence Day. We have to be Pakistani Muslims throughout our lives, not seasonally.

This seasonal enthusiasm is observed not only in religious and national matters but also in daily life style. In the start of semester we strong-willed to study every day but after a week or two we slot in ourselves in every other thing except studies. Parties and gathering seems more important than studies. Digital gadgets and mp4 players become more important than books. Computer is being started use for gaming and watching movies not for the study purposes. Internet is for searching and downloading best online game, best songs collection and top rated movies. And a common sentence that comes across ears is that ” much time is in exams… I’ll start studying very soon but right now I’ve to grace my friend’s party with my presence.” And when exams come near we start studying for whole 24hrs. At that time incapable to understand what we had studied. We’re unable to keep every topic in mind. At that time we start praying that ” Almighty please! Have some mercy on me… tomorrow’s paper will be easy… please pass me this time… next time I’ll study all through the semester with proper time table.” We all know that we have to be appear in exams at the end of semester so why we don’t study in whole semester. Only at the time of exams we get enthusiastic for study but this seasonal studying enthusiasm just clear you in exams and after exams you forget everything you learnt on the semester. Clearing in exams isn’t the only aim for studying. We study to learn something and if we don’t study on regular bases we won’t learn anything.

The situation is same when people, girls especially decide to reduce weight. Very enthusiastically a diet chart is prepared. No oil, no ghee, no chocolates, no sweets, no cakes and pastries. Only diet drinks, fresh fruits, green veggies, salads, green tea and wheat fiber biscuits. This chart is supposed to be followed. During 1 st week of this decision in any party, “sorry I can’t eat that curry… it’s so oily… I am dieting these days.” But that enthusiasm start decreasing, food and parties become more important then the idea of losing few ponds and we satisfied our soul with the statements like “there are many days in that occasion… I’ll reduce some weight after days” and “I don’t care if I have few extra ponds… I’m unable to stop myself from eating delicious food” and many other of same sort. Matter is not that we can’t do so; the thing is that we don’t have determination to do anything or to perform any task with persistence.

Another situation where seasonal enthusiasm can be seen very easily, is the time when somebody decide “I won’t lie anymore” or “I don’t gossip about others.” In beginning, we think then we talk. But after few days we talked then we realized that we lie or we did gossip about somebody. The main reason is that evil attracts so easily and we don’t have as much resistance to face that evil. We make aims, we take decisions but its WE who is first to go against our own decision and aims.

We have set our minds to perform any task in its season only. Again I repeat we don’t have determinations to achieve our aims. We don’t have persistence to follow our decisions and resist against evil wishes which force us to give up. We have to respect our own religion, country, decisions, feelings and aims.

I know everyone is not alike; there are many people who have persistence. But this is democracy… here only majority is counted!!!


The “K” Mantra

These days the highlight of every woman in the house, for the day, is the chain of drama serials, aired on Star Plus every night. Now, the question is, “Why do some women religiously follow those stories when they’re not even remotely compatible or reflective of their society and certainly, don’t pertain to reality?” For instance, take those ever-so-ostentatious-cum-iame ‘saas and bahus’. Do women actually walked around their houses wearing expensive designer saris, lavish jewelry and impeccable make-up? Who is in the world wear make-up and jewelry whilst sleeping?

Secondly, all those characters HAVE to be immortal. I mean, it is mandatory, I repeat mandatory for a dead person to be ‘magically resurrected’. After shedding tears of grief over the demise of a beloved character, we are suddenly surprise by their graceful come back! If it was a road accident, then the victim had just jumped out of the car in time, before it fell into a blind abyss. Or, my favorite – he was rescued by some passer-by who took him to a hospital and because his face was utterly destroyed by shards of the windscreen, the doctor performed the ultimate in dermatological medicine – facial restoration surgery. Now, this plastic surgery not only altered his facial features, but also his height, voice, eye color and the physique. So why go for an unknown person’s body when you can transform, or rather, metamorphose into Tom Cruise or Cindy Crawford?

Another impractical aspect of these soap operas is that the house-holds shown in most of these serial are filthy – rich and highly pretentious. We come across palatial mansions, luxurious cars, larger-than-life business deals and fiscal matters of not less than millions. I say, if these serials are watched by a population in which people are below or barely approaching the poverty line, then shouldn’t their issues be addressed? Won’t it be easier for viewers to relate them?

And now above all, the length of these serials! Some of these serials have actually exceeded a thousand episodes! The extent to which the story is exaggerated and stretched is ludicrous, not to mention that the same things have been repeated that we are actually predict the next scene. Nobody’s life has so many predicaments! Lengthy emotional moments accompanied by those irritating advertisement breaks result in monotony and boredom. Yet some people cannot get enough of them.

Yes, so, I have blabbered long enough about these soaps operas, which DOES go to prove that I WAS a regular viewer of such serials at one point. But that was way back when they were new, amazing and interesting did enjoy the story lines and the Indian glitch and glamour, but I’ve grown out of it. Thanks to excess of their idiocy. These serials simply give me bouts of laughter or a reason to criticize the overrated Indian entertainment industry. Whilst it goes on corrupting our youth by indirectly imposing their culture on us, it’s a very vital method of wasting one’s time. These serials have certainly made me learn one thing ‘there is a very thin line between heroism and humor’. You never know when you cross it.

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