After Miandad’s six and world cup ’92, we have another success story to be told, another event to feel proud of. In ICC World Twenty20 England ’09, men in green made history at Lords by winning trophy against Sri Lanka on June 18, 2009. At the moment Pakistan was announced as the champion of the series the whole surroundings were filled with noises of firecrackers and drums, people were dancing and doing bangra on the streets and the slogan of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ was echoing in the air.

The land of Pakistan has witnessed this enthusiasm after a thick slice of time. Pakistan national cricket team has brought a trophy back home after 17 years. In the world of sports Pakistan seems on its way to recoup its glorious name and reputation which was in early 90’s.

We all know that winning is not everything but losing is not option as well. Something that matters to nation is how team played, how united team was, how team was good at forgetting all differences and playing as one for all and all for one. And history proves that every time team stayed and played united, every time team added something extraordinary in the history of cricket.

Pakistan national cricket team is a paradigm for all those who look for their career and future in cricket. Team must set examples for all the youth that Pakistan can stand only when we unite.  Our nation is one of those for who cricket is not just a game; it is matter of honour and dignity. We see our players not as merely cricketers but as heroes.

After so many misfortunes, miserable incidents, accidents and blames on the pure name of Pakistan, Pakistanis see this victory as a optimism to bring back the dignity of Pakistan.

May Almighty keep the flag of my country high.

Rise Cricket


Khuda karey meri dua us arz -e- pak pe uterey

Wo fasl -e- gul jissey indesha -e- zawal na ho

Ye phool jo khila hai,  khila rahey

Khiza’n ki yahan se guzerney ki bhi majal na ho




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Wajeeha Asrar Siddiqui is a Karachi based freelance writer and blogger and has main aim to spread awareness via Wajeeha’s Official Blog. (http:wasiddiqui.com) Wajeeha is writing on her blog since 2008. Her aim is to promote education along with awareness in Pakistani society. According to her, one of the main reasons for what Pakistan is lacking behind is lack of proper education, proper counseling, and proper implementation of education. She mostly picked topics on social issues and daily life with a little mixture of some random thoughts.

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  1. T20 victory was indeed memorable and historical.

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  4. Adam Ali Ather

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