Appeal to President and PM and all Other Officials

It’s an appeal to all Officials- From to President Zardari to City Mayor Mustufa Kamal – to please banned all sorts of political and religious processions and relays in the country. It is announced time to time the country on ‘High Alert’, but w\of what kind high alert is this that militants and terrorists are given chances one after another to do such highly condemnable and brutal acts of mass destruction.

This is banned is ‘must’ be equal for all religious and political groups.


About wasiddiqui

Wajeeha Asrar Siddiqui is a Karachi based freelance writer and blogger and has main aim to spread awareness via Wajeeha’s Official Blog. ( Wajeeha is writing on her blog since 2008. Her aim is to promote education along with awareness in Pakistani society. According to her, one of the main reasons for what Pakistan is lacking behind is lack of proper education, proper counseling, and proper implementation of education. She mostly picked topics on social issues and daily life with a little mixture of some random thoughts.

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  1. i totally agree that there must be a ban on useless protests and rallies, they are more harmful than anything.

  2. Indeed not possible but not every one is tolerant enough in Pakistan to use little sanity and avoid mass killings, they just can’t compromise on processions and every kind of biddat which they take it as more than religion.

    • That’s the main point. We are misguided so properly in the manner that we take ‘BIDDAT’ as a matter live and death considered it more than religion and religion as something-does-not-matter-at-all. We have to think with open minds, banning processions is not something against religion or against right of expression.

      If they want to gather at some place, they can go there by there own, rather than going in form of procession or relay.

  3. Wajeeha its not as easy as it is to imagine, people in Pakistan would prefer dying in useless procession then getting them banned.

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