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The Jashan e Azadi Jazba

Tomorrow InshaAllah will be August 14, 2011, 64th Birthday of our beloved homeland Pakistan. We all are so enthusiastic about the Independence Day. However, we witness this feelings hardly a couple of time in year but still love the feel of the enthusiasm, the patriotism and commitment to do something good for our beloved Pakistan.

It feels me proud of my people when I see them so much committed towards their country, but my heart crash into pieces when almost all of us forget what we promised to our dearest Pakistan. I do not wish to sound complaining towards my Pakistanis, I know all have our issues as well. As Pakistan is going through disastrous crisis and we all are suffering from that. Always wearing white green and having Pakistan’s flag on the rooftop may not be possible but at least we should love country with heart and soul.

We all can at least try to be united, love our homeland with sincerity, to be honest with homeland then our people and ourselves. The best to show love for your country is to get yourself properly educated for Pakistan, it is the only thing we have shortage of, educated minds. I wish this Jashan e Azadi Jazba remains forever.

May the flag of my country always furl high,

Pakistan Paindabad!


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