My Pen’s Code of Conduct

Although blogging is just free style writing, but still my pen follows a code of conduct. I believe there should be discipline in way for life, so blogging. Discipline is the key to success; it defines your code of conduct. Here is the code of conduct of pen.

It avoids using superlatives, especially the word ‘GREATEST’ for any person or personality but Almighty Allah. Only He in this universe worth defined as GREATEST.

It gives credit only where it is due.

It writes what my heart feels, not what is appealing to others.

It always writes in way to educate; sometime about things, sometimes happenings and sometime experiences.

In writing, it includes those who I truly care for.

It avoids conspiracies.

It controls it pace to be rude or sometimes brutal.

It cares for others’ feeling, freedom and sentiments.

It resects others’ words, feelings, religions, views and standpoints.

It appreciates critics.

It writes to motivate not for money.

It uses ALWAYS and NEVER with delicate care.


It loves to carve on its readers’ mind.


Dear Blog, I Love You

Dear Blog,

I am writing this to thank you for the honor and readership you given to me. I owe you for all the years you share my words with others. You made me connect to the world; and connect the world to my thoughts, views, and stand points. You always there for me even when I forget to keep you maintained on time.

Dearest blog, you convey my words to others, made be heard even where I could not reach. You take my words beyond border. You widen the horizons of reaching for me. I am thankful to you for all these and much more. You hold the bigger share of all the praises I ever receive and larger credits of what I am today.

I am writing this to appreciate for you for every time you made me speak to the world. To thank you for landing me your spaces for penning down my views. I am happy to have you there, always there for me.

I am thankful to you for all these years. All I want to say you is I love you.


Wajeeha Asrar Siddiqui.

© All content belongs to Wajeeha’s Official Blog

Post- IND vs. PAK – We are still proud on Greens

Unfortunately, we lost the semi-final at Mohali. However, what we won is more than just a cricket match. Pakistanis all around the world are proud on their heroes. Shahid Khan Afridi and rest of the team played united against India. In world cup 2011, Pakistan played well and reached in top four countries. We may be lost the match, but we won the unity, team spirit, and being one nation.

Green flag furled on the other side of border, Pakistan National Anthem played on their land with respect and honor. What if we would not conquered, we fought, and fought with enormous spirit like a team – one for all and all for one.

As Bonaparte used to say, a leader is dealer is hope; so, our captain in hard times. Afridi kept the team united. In true words, captain’s hard work is responsible team’s outstanding performance throughout the world cup ’11. However, we have lost two matches; one against India and another against New Zealand, but still we have won more of we played.

Losing is also part of game. What if we lost, we still salute our captain and the boys. We are still proud on greens.

Team Pakistan, We love you.


Pre – IND vs. PAK: The Heat and the Flames

What other would be better description of Dono Taraf hai Aag Brabar Lagi Howi then an India-Pakistan cricket match? In few next hours, there is going to be battle on the cricket field not just a match.

India and Pakistan separated as two independent nations from year 1947. Still it has some connections with uninterrupted metal ribbons, sand paths, and airways. No matter how many peace treaties we signed, cricket between Pakistan and India always remains a war. A war that must be won.

This year, it is for the very time Pakistan is playing India in world cup semi final. Fingers are crossed and heartbeats are high on both sides of the division line.  March 30, 2011 is a big day not just for India and Pakistan but for international cricket as well.

No one but Almighty knows what the day will bring for both countries and for cricket. However, whatever it will bring, I hope it come with peace, harmony, and love.

I wish all the very best my team.

Green Shirts Zindabad, Pakistan Pa’aindabad.


© All content belongs to Wajeeha’s Official Blog


Image: Pakistan Cricket Team



Some Random Things…

A morning wish with a lovely smile is all enough to make someone’s day. I always try to make others’ day… it let me make my own as well.

A hug of care is more than a thousand words of love like a pat on hand is the best way to say ‘everything will be fine.’

The biggest favor to best friend is a shoulder to cry on.

Someone’s time is the most precious gift you can ever receive, as it is just un-returnable.

A get-well-soon card is incomplete without packet of ready-to-cook chicken noodles soup.

Among friends and loved ones trust is not, just the strongest bond… It is the Only Bond.

Chocolates are best medicines for heartaches and breakups. It heals sweetly and quickly.

Care is the best way to show you value people around you so, take care of those who you do not wish to lose.

Respecting differencing is the most sincere form of respect.

Love is prettiest in all feelings, it worth expression.

Dreams are not great; it is courage of dreamer.

Woman’s real grace in is her toes, to women must mind the shoes and their walk.

Pair of Stilettos is the most appealing thing for a woman to have in her closet.

Listening to others’ problems help in realizing How blessed you’re

Most of times, words do not hurt; it is incorrect timings and inappropriate situations.

They say kids are more selfish then parents; I admit. After dad, the thing I missed most is being treated like princess.

True friends always remember to wish for birthdays and other good things, no matter you talk everyday or not.

Best of feelings is the feeling of being missed.

There is nothing like ‘no expectations.’

Keeping regrets in mind would never let one feel happy.


‘War-Lawn’ is ON!

Summers are just here; in Karachi, it almost had knocked the door. Along many new things, an impressive new attraction of this season is Lawn launches, may be better to say the ‘Lawn War.’ Every big brand, designer, model, singer and this and that are going to launch their own designer lawn prints and/or lawn collection. From last week of January until now and for some coming weeks in March, there are lawn carnivals and exhibitions on every weekend.

This season we have many designers, so many brands, and hundreds of prints and motifs to confuse us what to buy and what to leave. Some are doing their publicities with high-class models while some brands are going to across the border celebrities. Some are giving away free magazine while, on the hands some are offering free stitching. From Veeniza to Nadia Hussain and from Asim Jofa to Nomi Ansari, every one up with their lawn prints. Fabric companies like Gul Ahmad, Al-Karam, Lala, Junaid Jumshid, LSM, Firdous, and many more other are also launching their collections.

As I do work as Social Media Expert, so it comes under my job description to stay updated with everything going in the city. I had to attend all the exhibitions in person. The rush at the exhibitions and the lawn carnivals leave me shocked with just one question in mind, are we really going through something like ‘financial crisis’?  Starting price in all the exhibitions was at least 2500PKR and people were buying as they are giving away free, for no penny. Funniest incident was when a gentle man looking to buy her a wife a suit just because Deepika was looking smart in that.

This year it seems there is nothing else exists in world but lawn. Everyone is trying to sale his or her prints in every possible way. Some are earning money against good fabric and quality while on the other hand; some are just taking advantage of their high-profile name.

In our society we have seasons of trends; like few year back, there was a craze of going USA, after that there comes a fashion of doing Masters in Business Administration, then we see advent of news channels followed by morning live shows. After all these, we saw singers and models selling mobile phones on billboards and promoting cellular services. There was in and out trend of founding charities as well. Now we have the ‘Lawn Prints’. God knows what other surprise next season will bring.

Anyways… Happy Summers Everyone 🙂


Experience of Teaching Cooking

Once I had read somewhere that cooking is like being in love, if you do not keep patience, you will mess everything up. I would say they are right. Cooking is just like that. I am one of those who love to cook food just because they love to eat delicious food. I found cooking one of the easiest and most creative things one can do.

I thought teaching cooking would also be that easy as well; but it simply is not. It is not at all simple when you have to teach someone you are not seeing in front of your eyes. Few days back, I have gone one of the best experiences of my life; taught a distant mate to make simple egg omelette just on a conversation. At first, I though teaching cooking would be easier than cooking itself. However, teaching cooking needs more patience than cooking. Teaching takes time made other person understand what you exactly want him to do.

We started with chopping onions, green chilies, and tomatoes. Now, this was the very first stage, I was not able to control my curiosity. All I want to is to see if he is messing up with vegetables. Nevertheless, I cannot… I just cannot… and the worst thing is cannot help this curiosity any way.

However, fortunately chopping part gone well; though I was not expecting that but it went good. I took a sigh of relief, and from all bottom of my heart, I thanked to these modern ways of communication. After the chopping part, there comes the cooking part, a bigger test of my patience.

In making a dish tasteful, you have to take care of everything; from right selection of pan to right heat of stove and from quantity of oil to right quantity of spices and from right type of spoon to right style of stirring. For a split of second, I thought how I am going to tell what to do now, I thought I am failed and I just have stopped it right away. Then, I regain myself and took it another challenge to prove ‘Yes! I can do it.’

I recollected myself again with more confidence and of course with more patience. Start teaching him gradually and systematically, keeping in mind every little, and big thing. We done with chopping and cooking, and now it was time to taste ‘The Omelette’. My heartbeat was rising up and my fingers were crossed. I was feeling proud on my cooking and teaching skills and myself when I heard ‘it tastes good, it is perfect!’

Teaching cooking is not at all an easy thing but a worthy experience. Once I have heard, the best way of learning is teaching; today, I honor these words with all my heart.

Eid ul Fitr 1947 – Eid ul Fitr 2010

It has not been more than a week Muslims had observed festive of Eid – ul – Fitr all round the world. Eid ul Fitr is holiest of all Islāmic festivals for Muslims. It is said to be feast from the Almighty as the gift of fasting in whole Ramadan. In whole world, Eid is celebrated with respect, love and joy. It is taken as one of the best times when you can share your love, affection and joy with others. Including Pakistan, in all other Muslims and non Muslim countries; Eid ul Fitr is celebration of blessings, harmony and love. But this year, in Pakistan, Eid was not a celebration because more than half of the country is sobbing in flood and millions of Pakistanis are homeless and displaced.

Pakistan is home land of almost 174 million people with majority of Muslims. This homeland of 174 million is in flood for more than 3 months. Flood has sunk more than half of Pakistan from Punjab to Khyber Pakhtonkhwa and from Baluchistan to Sind. The flood has not stopped yet. It is moving forward in different region of Sind leaving hundreds homeless and damaging crops and homes of thousands. This year on Eid – ul – Fitr 2010, Pakistan is on the same edge where it was 63 years back on Eid – ul – Fitr 1947.

Pakistan got independence on August 14, 1947. According to lunar calendar the day Pakistan came into being was Ramadan 27, just a couple of days before Eid – ul – Fitr 1947. Then people were homeless just had migrated and were migrating from their homes to their new homelands. Now, people are homeless and shelter less, miles away from their homes in relief camps and open grounds. Then many had lost their lives in riots and relocation. Now, many had lost their lives in flood and aftermath diseases. Then many had missed their families and loved ones during migration and relocation. Now, many had missed their family members and relatives due to water everywhere.

Pakistanis come back on the same edge where it was on 1947. People are homeless with no shelter. There is no food to eat and no water to drink. No place to live and no medicines to cure from diseases. Conditions are same in Pakistan in 2010 as it were in 1947. But there is something that differs extensively today from then. That thing is leadership. Unlike today, people do rely on their leaders and leaders work with heart and soul for betterment of their people. That time there were not as much funds as government had today, but still, leaders were more interested in giving their people a shelter not in making mansion for themselves.

As Napoleon used to say, Great ambition is the passion of great characters. Leaders of that time, unlike of today, were more willing for their people than their own interests. At the times hardships and difficulties leadership matters more to nation than anything else. Leaders are nation’s hope of survival. But today, Pakistan has no leader who could be their hope. They all are the on the mercy of Almighty. Today, all those who are supposed to be leader of this nation are busy is filling their own pockets and building their own mansions.

For nations, in good times and bad, leaders matter. Leaders and their leadership matters to nations more than fund and aids. It is leadership that makes nations most of what they are and it is leadership that is missing most in Pakistan today.

By means of this blog I plea those who called themselves leaders to act as leaders not as wolves. By means of this blog, I also plea my people to vote for those who deserve a mandate, before casting your vote use your mind, use your eyes, use your ears not your hearts and sympathy. If you do not think anyone worth your vote then it is better to not to cast the vote than casting to a wrong person. If we want our leaders to be responsible with us then we have to be responsible with our decisions.

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Society is not ALL about Woman’s Rights

I was thinking to write on some issue that no one has written before.  I went through many newspapers, magazines, blog, social network discussions, online forums and many other open discussion websites and forums. Apart from many good, genuine, reasonable and true and many over expressed and overrate views and discussion about woman rights; I found discussions and forums for the environment rights, earth’s rights, rights of plants and forests. Even there are many active forums about the rights of all existing and extinct animals. But there was something that I could not find anywhere.

The thing I didn’t find anywhere was the “Man’s Rights”. At first I wonder that Man’s rights do not exist at all or no one ever has thought about it. Well, logically speaking, if man exists in the world with duties they have to do then there must be some rights they must have.

I do agree the society is incomplete and imbalance if the society does not take care of the rights of a mother, sister, daughter and wife; in simple words a woman. But, on the other hand, the world would be equally partial and one-sided without the respect of rights of a father, brother, son and husband; in other words the man. Man and woman are not rivals in the society; they both are part of society and society depends on both equally.

In my knowledge, all the essence of how much religion I have read and social values I have observed and understand man and woman are equal parts of the society with different responsibilities. The society is incomplete and imbalance without either of them. Both have equal and different duties; both have equal but different rights. The burden of duties is equal on both of them it means that both can enjoy same comfort of rights. As far as my logic is concern, one can enjoy his or her rights most when one fulfills all the duties responsibly.

I agree that it is a man’s responsibility to take care of woman; to take care of her food and clothing, to take care of her shelter and comfort. If it is his responsibility to take care of his home and family then it must be his right to be taken care in home. Logically speaking it is his right to be welcomed at home after a tiring day with sweet smile and nice cup of tea rather than with saas-bahu fuss and complaints about what the kids did whole day.

A man has equal right to be taken care, to be loved and to be happy as a woman. I know I accept and I admit there are parts of society where woman treated so brutally but there is no doubt in that there are parts of society as well where woman are sole reason of imbalance in the society. A good society is not about what I can do and other can’t; it is all about what we can do to make it better place to live in. Braveness is not only standing up and fighting for the rights it is fulfilling the duties with sincerity.

I’m not writing this because I regret being a woman or I consider woman inferior then man. I’m writing this because I am educated, literate, sensible and strong enough to know I would never get my rights at fullest without fulfilling my all duties.

Are we repeating the History?

Facebook, some pages of Wikipedia, YouTube and some other online media is banned in Pakistan from Wednesday May 19, 2010. Reason of banning all these online media is showing some insulting caricatures of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). Muslims are facing this issue on and off from 2006 when some newspapers of Denmark and Norway published some insulting depictions of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him).

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority banned Facebook and many websites for publishing till May 31, 2010(as per media reporting). I strongly condemn all those who do such humiliating activities on the name of ‘Freedom of speech’ and ‘Freedom of Expression’. But I do not support the idea of banning Facebook and other online media at all. Banning means we have locked up ourselves in our houses and allowing others to do no matter what they want to do with our religion and our Prophet (peace be upon him).

It seems to me that we are repeating the mistake we, the Muslims of Indo-Pak Subcontinent, had done before. What we did? Just because we hated English people, we stopped our children from going to schools. Now, we have stopped ourselves to protest against misuse of freedom of expression and freedom of speech. We have locked up ourselves with our boundaries. If the banning is stopping something, it is stopping the youth of Pakistan being a part of the global village.

Facebook, an online social network, use to connect people all around the world. It is use as medium of sharing things, information, pictures, interests, tips, techniques and many more. There are many pages on Facebook that supports Islam, support idea of one the only Almighty, support Muslim Unity, support unity in Pakistan and many other good ideas and good causes and just one, just a single page that insults Islam (and Christianity as well). The page is name as ‘Everybody Draw Mohammad Day’. This page has some 39000 fans when last time I visited it. It has many shameful images of God, Prophet (Peace be upon him), Muslims and Jesus as well.

YouTube, largest video database available on internet, has so many interesting, informative and real videos. I agreed, there are some videos that go against Islam, but what about those databases which is exponential larger in number and goes in favor of one Almighty and Islam. The collection of tafseer-e-Quran (translation and explanation of Quran) available on YouTube is so far biggest one I ever find as compare to any other website. It is satisfying to ban those video which are on the whole showing blasphemous but banning the whole websites are simply illogical.

Are we not brave enough to face the reality in the way it is? This is not the time to get locked within boundaries. This is a fight of thoughts and words are weapons, social networks are our medium. If we really want to stop them we have to tell them and pursue them to idea of Islam, in this regard banning could not help in at least.

By means of this post I request PTA and all concern authorities to not the repeat the history by putting such bans. These type of bans are not improving the picture of Islam neither of Pakistan. these bans are just stopping the Pakistani youth to fight for the honor of their religion. We are already suffering because of one mistake made in history. Kindly do not repeat that mistake.

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