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Experience of Teaching Cooking

Once I had read somewhere that cooking is like being in love, if you do not keep patience, you will mess everything up. I would say they are right. Cooking is just like that. I am one of those who love to cook food just because they love to eat delicious food. I found cooking one of the easiest and most creative things one can do.

I thought teaching cooking would also be that easy as well; but it simply is not. It is not at all simple when you have to teach someone you are not seeing in front of your eyes. Few days back, I have gone one of the best experiences of my life; taught a distant mate to make simple egg omelette just on a conversation. At first, I though teaching cooking would be easier than cooking itself. However, teaching cooking needs more patience than cooking. Teaching takes time made other person understand what you exactly want him to do.

We started with chopping onions, green chilies, and tomatoes. Now, this was the very first stage, I was not able to control my curiosity. All I want to is to see if he is messing up with vegetables. Nevertheless, I cannot… I just cannot… and the worst thing is cannot help this curiosity any way.

However, fortunately chopping part gone well; though I was not expecting that but it went good. I took a sigh of relief, and from all bottom of my heart, I thanked to these modern ways of communication. After the chopping part, there comes the cooking part, a bigger test of my patience.

In making a dish tasteful, you have to take care of everything; from right selection of pan to right heat of stove and from quantity of oil to right quantity of spices and from right type of spoon to right style of stirring. For a split of second, I thought how I am going to tell what to do now, I thought I am failed and I just have stopped it right away. Then, I regain myself and took it another challenge to prove ‘Yes! I can do it.’

I recollected myself again with more confidence and of course with more patience. Start teaching him gradually and systematically, keeping in mind every little, and big thing. We done with chopping and cooking, and now it was time to taste ‘The Omelette’. My heartbeat was rising up and my fingers were crossed. I was feeling proud on my cooking and teaching skills and myself when I heard ‘it tastes good, it is perfect!’

Teaching cooking is not at all an easy thing but a worthy experience. Once I have heard, the best way of learning is teaching; today, I honor these words with all my heart.

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