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The 30 Seconds…!!!

I’d been away from my blog for a long, my apologies to my readers that I was stuck in so many things.

But sometimes, some strange happenings can not stop you from picking you pen up again and start craving with words. For me, today this moment was I switch on the TV in morning and come to know about PM Gillani case, its proceedings and off course the his punishment.

As per my little knowledge is concern, democracy is the government to the people, of the people, and for the people. Our (the so-called) leaders claims they have maintained democracy in the country. But this (out of the norms) democracy is good for nothing; a common man has to suffers for years in court for little issues whereas PM get our the court smiling in just 30 seconds,

So, 30 seconds are all enough to punish someone for ‘Tauheen -e- Adaalat’, so strange yet so embarrassing that are courts have no respect, order of any citizen (regardless it is President or President’s Son) can be above then orders of SC.

It portraits that any one, can refuse the orders of court and it would only cost him 30 precious seconds of his life in the custody.

PS. Yes, I agree it is Ironic. 😉

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