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Wajeeha Asrar Siddiqui, a Pakistan based young and enthusiastic creative writer, professional blogger, and social media geek with passion to write about society, current issues, and her thoughts and inspirations. According to Wajeeha, something that most inspired her to writer is her passion of reading. Books are always being best friend to literate minds; so learning, and education. However, unfortunately, passion of reading is not found in Pakistani society. In our society, education is one of the most over-looked factors.

Best ways to educate one are books. Books are treasure, the real one. Books are worlds past, present and future bind in covers and placed on shelves. The most uncomplaining way to be taught is books. According to Wajeeha, one must read to open the mind, to open the soul to the happenings of the world. We all must read and read good books; from Al-Qura’an to world literature, from world history to movement of Pakistan and from Current affairs to science and technology, and fiction.

  1. I am very happy to see that the Pakistani youth is now becoming well aware from the power of words in the blogs. You should also motivate your friends to start a blog, express their ideas, thoughts and than defend Islam and Pakistan.

  2. Umm… nice intro..

    I have something to say here.. mostly all of us are in favor of every change which can brought some positive in the society..but the problem is that WE all are in the FAVOR only.. and not interested to be practical for this POSITIVE CHANGE from our selves..

    its my opinion… you have all the rights to disagree..

    bless thee..

    • With all due respect I do agree with you on this opinion that most of us do so, but not all of us do so. There are still individuals in the society that are interested and doing many practicals to bring positive change is the society.

  3. Junaid Ilyas

    would like to help Pakistan…

  4. Muhammad Farhan Rafique



    I hope you are fine.
    First nice to read that you are a proud a muslim woman. I have a question for you, which type of change can bring positive effect on our society?

    Please reply on my email id.

    Best regards.

    Sheikh Muhammad Farhan Rafique.

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