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Dedicated to Our Politicians..

Sir Toby: Does not our life consist of the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water)?

Sir Andrew: Faith, so they say; but I think it rather consists of eating and drinking.

Sir Toby: Thou art a scholar; let us therefore eat and drink.

– William Shakespeare in the ‘Twelfth Night



Real Armours for the Real Threats

School, collages and universities, all around Pakistan would remain close a week from October 21, 2009 to October 26, 2009. Holidays always bring cheers and joy to students but this time it brought terror and panic, the panic of being a victim of terrorism. Terrorism has shocked Pakistan this October very badly. Figure of the killed in these terrorist attacks has been raised to 180 (according to BBC reports). It made worst and horrible impressions on students specially. Two bomb blasts at IIUI Pakistan, shocked every student of Pakistan not only IIUI-ians.

Real threat is not that these terrorists are going to kill us; real hazard is that they are making us be deficient in unity, morals and education. Pakistani students, in this high-speed era, lack behind seven days. Today, when every second matters in the world of science technology and education we – the Pakistani students – have missed a trillion billions seconds.

Students, as Quaid –e- Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah used to say, are the future of Pakistan. And this future is left behind to face ignorance, panic and terror. Militants real targets is not our bodies, they want to aim our minds, our unity, our moral values and above all Pakistani sovereignty. This is not a war; it’s a fight for your morals and for your country. They are not only killing us, they are making us mentally paralysed. Militants’ and terrorists’ and radicals’ appetite is not blood and mass, it’s the thoughts and morals that can make Pakistan more flourish.

Pakistan is not just an area with planes, trees, hilly sides and water falls; it is a Motherland. This does not belong to those politicians who come and go before seasons change and not those who; in the hard times, packed there bags, rushed to embassies, get the visas stamped and fly overseas. It belongs to those who suffer and survive of it, it belongs to those to get hurt and die for it. It belongs to us!

We can make it more flourish and more prosper only when we are educated. As Quaid –e- Azam advised students, “Let me give you this word of warning:  you’ll be making greatest mistake if you allow yourself to be exploited by one political party or another… Your main occupation should be – in fairness to yourself, in fairness to your parents, in fairness to the State – to devote your studies.” – (Addressed at Public Meeting Dacca, March 21, 1948).

Do not let yourself be a victim. Real threat is not to our bodies, it is to our mind, thoughts and thinking. This threat is to everything which can do some good to Pakistan. Educate yourself, be aware to danger be familiar with real armour. Education is main power. Get it and go for it. Let the education work to fertile your minds not only enhance your resumes and heavy you pockets. Be aware to real dangers. They can remove our bodies but they can remove the thinking and morals.

Do educate yourself, not only in technology but other fields as well, because now, it is a matter of honour, the honour of Sabz Hilali Parcham (Pakistani Flag). Be aware and do not let anyone to play your morals. Real targets are not bodies; actual targets are morals and unity of Pakistan. May be at some point we belong to different religions, races, colors and culture but above all we belongs to one Motherland – PAKISTAN…!!!

Rise Education,


Mouj Barhe ya aandhi aaye diya jalaye rakhna hai

Ghar ki khatir so dukh jheilein Ghar ti aakhir apna hai


Charisma of ‘Being Single’

Dear Singles,

This is to let you all know that…

Being single is so free,

So lovely,


So lucky…

.. that it has its own charm!

Do not rush in to getting married..

.. or even committed.

Even if folks and peers ask you,

“Why you are single ?!?!?!? ”

Just tell them,

” God is busy in writing the best love story ever for me 😉 ”

Dear all,

Its great buddies .. and… only as long as you’re Single you’re ‘Daddy’s Angle’ or ‘Mamma’s Boy’…

Happy Bachelors Life to all my Single Friends… 🙂

P.S. I read it somewhere and find it cute to share.


Lessons life made me learn…!!!

This life made me discover that every new sun rises with hope and every day when suns sets it leaves new experiences.

Books are the most uncomplaining teachers but the whole thing is not supposed to be written in books. Many real things we are taught by people we deal with.

We become stronger only when we are betrayed. So, be humble to those who let us be strong.

It does not matter being soft at heart but being hard-hitting on outer side does.

Live for those who care for us not for those we care for. Be happy for those who want us to be happy unconditionally.

If I want to be happy for those who wants me to be than I have to be, as happiness is not a place and no one is going to invite for there.

Be honest with own self, because, if we lie we would be disloyal to our own self, not anybody else.

If you’re troubled do not show it on your face as HAKUNA-MATATA (no worries) ATTITUDE is best thing to blow others’ mind, especially of those who want you to not be flourishing.

Share the problems only with those who really cared.

Change it; if it is not satisfying the logic.

Admit it; if it can not be changed. And admit with an open heart and an open mind and do it happily as this is the only thing to do.

It easy to act as if being an open minded and difficult to be an open minded, do not lose the courage as it is not impossible.

Respect yourself, your family and your friends.

Do accept people in the way they are, it is most excellent way to get best out of them.

Admire your friends and be honest with them, as it is one of Almighty ways to take care of us.

When my friend needs me, I just love to be ‘ME’, do not pretend to be some super hero because he loves me just in way I am.

If want to be a friend, at very first be a very good listener.

If do not have enough patience to listen EVERYTHING, do not claim to be a friend.

Everyday, look good and feel fine because we do not know when we are left only with our self to hug and cry.

We can have a check on what to see but can not make a check list of what to feel as closing eyes is possible but closing heart is not.

Do not regret anything, everything is a lesson it happens to make me a better person.

P.S. In my little knowledge this piece of writing is best in all my work and this is dedicated to my ‘Best Friend’. 🙂

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