“Cover, Concealed and Confident”, Hijabi

So, your parents forced to cover your head or boyfriend wants to wear head scarf?’ This is one of most outlandish questions I came across when I started doing Hijab. Most of the people I meet asked me whether my brother, father or boyfriend wants to do Hijab. To all those questions and people who asked those questions; my answer was simple, my Almighty in Surah Al-A’hzab Verse 59, told me to cover the self so I won’t get bothered. Translation of the verse is as “O Prophet! Tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round them (when they go abroad). That will be better, so that they may be recognized and not annoyed. Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful.”

Before my dad, brother, husband or son, I am answerable to my Almighty for my doings. He is the one who loves me above every relation and wants my best in every condition. He told me that it is better for me if I cover myself my head to toe in the way my appearance and curves are not visible to any Non-confidential (Na-Mehram). My Almighty guided me in Qur’an simpler ways to keep myself save from evil, someone’s bad intuitions and someone’s greed. That simpler way is called Hijab.

Hijab is not just piece of cloth wrapped around the head, it is complete lifestyle. The lifestyle that covers the way you dress, way you walk, way you talk and way you carry yourself. A life style that asks you to not be very soft spoken with any unknown person of opposite gender; that asks woman to avoid strong smells so no one get attracted to her. A life style that just ask a women to not to wear something that is seen through or show her curves. Hijab is a lifestyle that allow woman to be sophisticated, elegant and beautiful without being vulgar.

Most of the folks around consider Hijab as restriction for woman but in real it is not. Hijab is not in way to restrict woman from anything it is just to protect her from evil. It does not let feel woman oppressed of what she is doing; in contrast, it adds charm and confidence in personality. It gives woman poise to be judged by her mind and words not by her clothing. It gives her self-confidence, shield, protection, dignity and honour.

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Wajeeha Asrar Siddiqui is a Karachi based freelance writer and blogger and has main aim to spread awareness via Wajeeha’s Official Blog. (http:wasiddiqui.com) Wajeeha is writing on her blog since 2008. Her aim is to promote education along with awareness in Pakistani society. According to her, one of the main reasons for what Pakistan is lacking behind is lack of proper education, proper counseling, and proper implementation of education. She mostly picked topics on social issues and daily life with a little mixture of some random thoughts.

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  1. Muhammad Usman Shahid Mughal Naqshbandi Alkheri

    Aslam o alikum
    U r Mashallah doing a v good job * Jazak Allah *
    i also need a life partner like this …plz pray for me
    Fi aman Allah

  2. Muhammad Usama Alam

    Very nice post. With due respect, I want to add something.

    Hijab is not a restriction to woman, it is a restriction to man instead. When a man sees beautiful faces in his office, school, university and public places, then he is not attracted towards the beauty of his wife because he is seeing lot of beauty all around but if all Muslims sisters take Hijab and man doesn’t see anyone then her wife at home wil the most beautiful person for him.

  3. Ms Siddiqui,
    It is a beautifully written piece, which is direct and to the point. In my opinion you won the debate the moment you quoted from the Glorious Quran’s Surah Al A’hzab

    I recall reading in one of Mumtaz Mufti’s book an incident involving Dr. Iffat Shahab wife of Qudratullah Shahab. Where while sitting in a London cafe with her head covered a gentleman in British Army uniform asked her if she is a Muslim as he wants to ask a question regarding Islam. He asked why do you pray 5 times a day? Dr Iffat replied because such is the order by Allah. When the gentleman wanted a further clarification she simply said you being an army man should know the importance of an order, it is not to be questioned just obeyed.

    • Thanks Mr. Malik for your time and word on my blog. Quran is best reference no matter whatever the topic is.

      and the book you mention, Kindly do give me its title, it seems an interesting read.

  4. very nice post.

  5. Said Mahmood

    Dear writer,

    Thats great topic of discussion in now a days and i like it very much. I think if our daughters and sisters act upon it then automatically many problems will be solved.

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