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Pre – IND vs. PAK: The Heat and the Flames

What other would be better description of Dono Taraf hai Aag Brabar Lagi Howi then an India-Pakistan cricket match? In few next hours, there is going to be battle on the cricket field not just a match.

India and Pakistan separated as two independent nations from year 1947. Still it has some connections with uninterrupted metal ribbons, sand paths, and airways. No matter how many peace treaties we signed, cricket between Pakistan and India always remains a war. A war that must be won.

This year, it is for the very time Pakistan is playing India in world cup semi final. Fingers are crossed and heartbeats are high on both sides of the division line.  March 30, 2011 is a big day not just for India and Pakistan but for international cricket as well.

No one but Almighty knows what the day will bring for both countries and for cricket. However, whatever it will bring, I hope it come with peace, harmony, and love.

I wish all the very best my team.

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Some Random Things…

A morning wish with a lovely smile is all enough to make someone’s day. I always try to make others’ day… it let me make my own as well.

A hug of care is more than a thousand words of love like a pat on hand is the best way to say ‘everything will be fine.’

The biggest favor to best friend is a shoulder to cry on.

Someone’s time is the most precious gift you can ever receive, as it is just un-returnable.

A get-well-soon card is incomplete without packet of ready-to-cook chicken noodles soup.

Among friends and loved ones trust is not, just the strongest bond… It is the Only Bond.

Chocolates are best medicines for heartaches and breakups. It heals sweetly and quickly.

Care is the best way to show you value people around you so, take care of those who you do not wish to lose.

Respecting differencing is the most sincere form of respect.

Love is prettiest in all feelings, it worth expression.

Dreams are not great; it is courage of dreamer.

Woman’s real grace in is her toes, to women must mind the shoes and their walk.

Pair of Stilettos is the most appealing thing for a woman to have in her closet.

Listening to others’ problems help in realizing How blessed you’re

Most of times, words do not hurt; it is incorrect timings and inappropriate situations.

They say kids are more selfish then parents; I admit. After dad, the thing I missed most is being treated like princess.

True friends always remember to wish for birthdays and other good things, no matter you talk everyday or not.

Best of feelings is the feeling of being missed.

There is nothing like ‘no expectations.’

Keeping regrets in mind would never let one feel happy.


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