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Spinning Wheel is ruling over the Crescent

Just have an eye around; people are so distracted that the entertainment is more becoming a hunger than just a past-time. People want to be entertained even at the cost of their religion, values, ethics, culture and country. In the society we are living the main source of entertainment is Indian Media: Indian movies, Indian dramas, and Indian songs. Be aware of the fact that how badly it portraits Islam, Muslims and Pakistan, we are giving business to them. Isn’t it like we are paying for being insulted?

Where the dignity, culture, ethics and religion gone when people put on posters of actress wearing mini-skirts just to market the cinema’s latest show – a movie just released on the other side of border. In the lust of entertainment are we becoming shame-proof? That we are demanding more and more of such supplies which are insulting and getting the wrong impression about our believes and humiliating our values.

Agreed! Completely agreed with the argument that our film industry is lacking behind in the quality of movies. But, is the movies only source of entertainment or the Indian media is only entertainment provider? We have a very good and well establish television industry which aired better quality stuff as compare to the material coming from that side of border.

Isn’t it feels heartbreaking that a kid studying in pre-school or primary school knows nothing about august 14, March 23, Shawal 1 or Rabi –ul- Awwal 12, but know each and everything about January 26, Diwali and Holi, Not know the name of founder of Pakistan but have knowledge about ever idol lord. What we are teaching to our youth? These are not our values.

Our forefathers have fought for more than a century to let the world know that we – the Muslims – have an identity of our own. We have our own ethical values we have our own believes. This identity is not supposed to be lost that easily. Do not let anyone take over your identity. Do not let other values to forget your own. Don’t let the ache for entertainment take over your ethical values.

“It is good to be helpful and kindly, but don’t give yourself to be melted into candle grease for the benefit of the tallow trade.”   – George Eliot.


The “K” Mantra

These days the highlight of every woman in the house, for the day, is the chain of drama serials, aired on Star Plus every night. Now, the question is, “Why do some women religiously follow those stories when they’re not even remotely compatible or reflective of their society and certainly, don’t pertain to reality?” For instance, take those ever-so-ostentatious-cum-iame ‘saas and bahus’. Do women actually walked around their houses wearing expensive designer saris, lavish jewelry and impeccable make-up? Who is in the world wear make-up and jewelry whilst sleeping?

Secondly, all those characters HAVE to be immortal. I mean, it is mandatory, I repeat mandatory for a dead person to be ‘magically resurrected’. After shedding tears of grief over the demise of a beloved character, we are suddenly surprise by their graceful come back! If it was a road accident, then the victim had just jumped out of the car in time, before it fell into a blind abyss. Or, my favorite – he was rescued by some passer-by who took him to a hospital and because his face was utterly destroyed by shards of the windscreen, the doctor performed the ultimate in dermatological medicine – facial restoration surgery. Now, this plastic surgery not only altered his facial features, but also his height, voice, eye color and the physique. So why go for an unknown person’s body when you can transform, or rather, metamorphose into Tom Cruise or Cindy Crawford?

Another impractical aspect of these soap operas is that the house-holds shown in most of these serial are filthy – rich and highly pretentious. We come across palatial mansions, luxurious cars, larger-than-life business deals and fiscal matters of not less than millions. I say, if these serials are watched by a population in which people are below or barely approaching the poverty line, then shouldn’t their issues be addressed? Won’t it be easier for viewers to relate them?

And now above all, the length of these serials! Some of these serials have actually exceeded a thousand episodes! The extent to which the story is exaggerated and stretched is ludicrous, not to mention that the same things have been repeated that we are actually predict the next scene. Nobody’s life has so many predicaments! Lengthy emotional moments accompanied by those irritating advertisement breaks result in monotony and boredom. Yet some people cannot get enough of them.

Yes, so, I have blabbered long enough about these soaps operas, which DOES go to prove that I WAS a regular viewer of such serials at one point. But that was way back when they were new, amazing and interesting did enjoy the story lines and the Indian glitch and glamour, but I’ve grown out of it. Thanks to excess of their idiocy. These serials simply give me bouts of laughter or a reason to criticize the overrated Indian entertainment industry. Whilst it goes on corrupting our youth by indirectly imposing their culture on us, it’s a very vital method of wasting one’s time. These serials have certainly made me learn one thing ‘there is a very thin line between heroism and humor’. You never know when you cross it.

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