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A simple thought… The Simplest Words…!!!

LOVE is a bond between YOU & Your Creator, it is pure and sacred…

Taking Your Girl to Mazar’e Quaid to solace your gaze could be anything, but LOVE…!!!


Some Random Things…

A morning wish with a lovely smile is all enough to make someone’s day. I always try to make others’ day… it let me make my own as well.

A hug of care is more than a thousand words of love like a pat on hand is the best way to say ‘everything will be fine.’

The biggest favor to best friend is a shoulder to cry on.

Someone’s time is the most precious gift you can ever receive, as it is just un-returnable.

A get-well-soon card is incomplete without packet of ready-to-cook chicken noodles soup.

Among friends and loved ones trust is not, just the strongest bond… It is the Only Bond.

Chocolates are best medicines for heartaches and breakups. It heals sweetly and quickly.

Care is the best way to show you value people around you so, take care of those who you do not wish to lose.

Respecting differencing is the most sincere form of respect.

Love is prettiest in all feelings, it worth expression.

Dreams are not great; it is courage of dreamer.

Woman’s real grace in is her toes, to women must mind the shoes and their walk.

Pair of Stilettos is the most appealing thing for a woman to have in her closet.

Listening to others’ problems help in realizing How blessed you’re

Most of times, words do not hurt; it is incorrect timings and inappropriate situations.

They say kids are more selfish then parents; I admit. After dad, the thing I missed most is being treated like princess.

True friends always remember to wish for birthdays and other good things, no matter you talk everyday or not.

Best of feelings is the feeling of being missed.

There is nothing like ‘no expectations.’

Keeping regrets in mind would never let one feel happy.


Charisma of ‘Being Single’

Dear Singles,

This is to let you all know that…

Being single is so free,

So lovely,


So lucky…

.. that it has its own charm!

Do not rush in to getting married..

.. or even committed.

Even if folks and peers ask you,

“Why you are single ?!?!?!? ”

Just tell them,

” God is busy in writing the best love story ever for me 😉 ”

Dear all,

Its great buddies .. and… only as long as you’re Single you’re ‘Daddy’s Angle’ or ‘Mamma’s Boy’…

Happy Bachelors Life to all my Single Friends… 🙂

P.S. I read it somewhere and find it cute to share.


Econo-Lovely Candle Light Dinner

Candle light dinner, consider as most romantic idea to have twilight with the one you love. That is a past now that you have a pay a big amount to have a romantic diner or you have to drive more than an hour to reach that restaurant. Now, all you have to do is just cook your favourite food, set the table and the lights will be turned off exactly on the time of time dinner. Power supply corporations even don’t let you to bother you to get up from your place to make the moment most. They also let you disappoint about the timings the of power breakdown.

We must be thankful to our power supply corporations that they made poor have a joy of candle light dinner. Although it was scorching summer nights, but they made their efforts to let poor enjoy the delightful diner which is considered only as rich’s lavishness. Where in the whole world else the this piece of land we are going to find such a ‘caring’ and ‘concerned’ ministries who believe in equals rights for all and Who made such luxuries affordable for all.

In spite of all the blame, bad remarks, protests and harsh situations they – the ministries – are on their way to keep the love alive between people in an ‘economical’ way. Hats off and thumbs up to them.

P.S.  electricity bills are another issue…  🙂

LAILA: the one thing Qais never live without.

The month my parents married, the Poet wrote his most famous narrative poem, Laila.  Reconfiguring the Laila-Majnu story, the poem centres on Laila, bereft after Qais has been banished from her presence. Unable to endure the thought of a life without him, she seeks out his likeness everywhere – in other men (she is soon regarded as a town whore), in nature (sometimes the wind brushing her neck reminds her of his touch), in art (she risks her life to steal a painting, because a man at the edge of its crowd scene leans forward in a manner suggestive of the angle of Qais’s back of the first he bend to embrace her). But all her attempts to find her Beloved’s exact copy lead only to frustration, so she starts to adopt his manner of speech, his gait, his dress, his expressions in order to keep his characteristics alive. She becomes an outcast, shunned by all of her madness and, driven out of town, she makes her way into forest where Qais has been living – and walks past without seeing him. He watches her go and senses something familiar in her, but is too distracted by composing love poems about Laila to give the matter much thought. Years go by and one day, she meets a young man who greets her by the name ‘Qais’. She realized she has finally succeeded in becoming her Beloved and need never be without him again.  In that moment of triumph she looks into forest pool and sees Qais’s face where her reflection should have been and remembers: the one thing Qais could never live without is Laila.


Broken Verses

By Kamila Shamsie

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