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The Jashan e Azadi Jazba

Tomorrow InshaAllah will be August 14, 2011, 64th Birthday of our beloved homeland Pakistan. We all are so enthusiastic about the Independence Day. However, we witness this feelings hardly a couple of time in year but still love the feel of the enthusiasm, the patriotism and commitment to do something good for our beloved Pakistan.

It feels me proud of my people when I see them so much committed towards their country, but my heart crash into pieces when almost all of us forget what we promised to our dearest Pakistan. I do not wish to sound complaining towards my Pakistanis, I know all have our issues as well. As Pakistan is going through disastrous crisis and we all are suffering from that. Always wearing white green and having Pakistan’s flag on the rooftop may not be possible but at least we should love country with heart and soul.

We all can at least try to be united, love our homeland with sincerity, to be honest with homeland then our people and ourselves. The best to show love for your country is to get yourself properly educated for Pakistan, it is the only thing we have shortage of, educated minds. I wish this Jashan e Azadi Jazba remains forever.

May the flag of my country always furl high,

Pakistan Paindabad!



‘War-Lawn’ is ON!

Summers are just here; in Karachi, it almost had knocked the door. Along many new things, an impressive new attraction of this season is Lawn launches, may be better to say the ‘Lawn War.’ Every big brand, designer, model, singer and this and that are going to launch their own designer lawn prints and/or lawn collection. From last week of January until now and for some coming weeks in March, there are lawn carnivals and exhibitions on every weekend.

This season we have many designers, so many brands, and hundreds of prints and motifs to confuse us what to buy and what to leave. Some are doing their publicities with high-class models while some brands are going to across the border celebrities. Some are giving away free magazine while, on the hands some are offering free stitching. From Veeniza to Nadia Hussain and from Asim Jofa to Nomi Ansari, every one up with their lawn prints. Fabric companies like Gul Ahmad, Al-Karam, Lala, Junaid Jumshid, LSM, Firdous, and many more other are also launching their collections.

As I do work as Social Media Expert, so it comes under my job description to stay updated with everything going in the city. I had to attend all the exhibitions in person. The rush at the exhibitions and the lawn carnivals leave me shocked with just one question in mind, are we really going through something like ‘financial crisis’?  Starting price in all the exhibitions was at least 2500PKR and people were buying as they are giving away free, for no penny. Funniest incident was when a gentle man looking to buy her a wife a suit just because Deepika was looking smart in that.

This year it seems there is nothing else exists in world but lawn. Everyone is trying to sale his or her prints in every possible way. Some are earning money against good fabric and quality while on the other hand; some are just taking advantage of their high-profile name.

In our society we have seasons of trends; like few year back, there was a craze of going USA, after that there comes a fashion of doing Masters in Business Administration, then we see advent of news channels followed by morning live shows. After all these, we saw singers and models selling mobile phones on billboards and promoting cellular services. There was in and out trend of founding charities as well. Now we have the ‘Lawn Prints’. God knows what other surprise next season will bring.

Anyways… Happy Summers Everyone 🙂


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