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The Dark Fringe of Modernism

Today, we proudly say we are getting MODERNISE day by day. Are we really getting modernized or becoming a Xerox which has no color of its own. These days, it really makes me sorry when I heard people speak of eid as an obligation, when they have to get together with relatives and dress up for nothing. But these very people fervently waiting for New Year parties, where they will have opportunity to have fun and be themselves. So this is what the modern perception is – eid is mind-numbing
and New Year is fun! How can a country that does not have any respect for its traditions and values be successful? Everywhere around the world, Holy days are celebrated with much reverence and given adequate respect, why then can’t we?

Beyond any doubt the culture of Islam is one of glorious cultures in the world and east has many shining colors of its own. Luckily we are blessed with both being a citizen of an Eastern Muslim country – Islamic Republic of Pakistan – but unfortunately we have forgotten our values and blindly copying the west. If we want to be successful so we have to respects our values and culture and tradition.

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