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The Terrorism, The Peace and The Ideology

dove_peace-1200pxViolence always begins in mind; it needs to be uprooted therefore from the mind itself. We have to find an ideology of peace with which to confront the ideology of violence; without that there will be no end to the violence. The horrendous event that took place in New York and Washington on September 11, 2001 are adequate proof of this point. They effectively demonstrated that, with a violent bent of mind, man can wage a war without even being in possession of arms. He can bombard without a bomb. Therefore, we have to eradicate the violent mindset.
The terrorism will persist in one form or another until the ideology of violence is countered with another ideology based on peace.

Taken from ” The Prophet of the Peace” by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan


Mr. Zee – The Toothache of Pakistan

ZardariPresidentLast night, I was suffering from severe toothache, and the most horrible part of suffering was I could not do anything except bearing the aching with all patience I have. In the condition of just bearing and still having patience, I realized, this is what just about every Pakistani doing from preceding 5 years. From last 5 years, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is being governed, better to say democratically governed, by some impossible sort of politicians who do know nothing except corruption on the title of politics. Pakistanis are as helpless as a patient of toothache is; cannot do anything except bearing what one is suffering from. As toothache distresses veins, eyes and some cases even brain, they have ruined the Pakistan’s economy, establishment, industry and every possible asset we can think of.

I do except the fact, that we bring these corrupts into the senate and assemblies. It is aftermath, or better to say aftershock, of our own wrong selection. This government is our own blunder that everyone dearly wishes could not made ever again in Pakistan. The point to ponder here is do we fulfill our all responsibilities towards our country just casting vote to the right candidate?

As we all know, prevention from toothache take little more than brushing the teeth twice a day. In same fashion, choosing the right government is take little more than casting votes. That little is little awareness and education about what the power of vote actually is.

Would not Pakistan be even beautiful, peaceful, pain free place to live if every one of us just have faith in Almighty Allah for food (as He promised to feed to everyone on this globe and beyond), and start struggling to be educated peaceful Pakistani ? Let us take a pledge to make some quality decisions at the time of casting vote by educating ourselves about responsibilities of a voter, so no other shameless smiling face will ever be able to rule and ruin our beloved homeland.

(Please let me know the in what ways, in your opinion, we can make better decision while casting vote)

The 30 Seconds…!!!

I’d been away from my blog for a long, my apologies to my readers that I was stuck in so many things.

But sometimes, some strange happenings can not stop you from picking you pen up again and start craving with words. For me, today this moment was I switch on the TV in morning and come to know about PM Gillani case, its proceedings and off course the his punishment.

As per my little knowledge is concern, democracy is the government to the people, of the people, and for the people. Our (the so-called) leaders claims they have maintained democracy in the country. But this (out of the norms) democracy is good for nothing; a common man has to suffers for years in court for little issues whereas PM get our the court smiling in just 30 seconds,

So, 30 seconds are all enough to punish someone for ‘Tauheen -e- Adaalat’, so strange yet so embarrassing that are courts have no respect, order of any citizen (regardless it is President or President’s Son) can be above then orders of SC.

It portraits that any one, can refuse the orders of court and it would only cost him 30 precious seconds of his life in the custody.

PS. Yes, I agree it is Ironic. 😉

Are we repeating the History?

Facebook, some pages of Wikipedia, YouTube and some other online media is banned in Pakistan from Wednesday May 19, 2010. Reason of banning all these online media is showing some insulting caricatures of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). Muslims are facing this issue on and off from 2006 when some newspapers of Denmark and Norway published some insulting depictions of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him).

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority banned Facebook and many websites for publishing till May 31, 2010(as per media reporting). I strongly condemn all those who do such humiliating activities on the name of ‘Freedom of speech’ and ‘Freedom of Expression’. But I do not support the idea of banning Facebook and other online media at all. Banning means we have locked up ourselves in our houses and allowing others to do no matter what they want to do with our religion and our Prophet (peace be upon him).

It seems to me that we are repeating the mistake we, the Muslims of Indo-Pak Subcontinent, had done before. What we did? Just because we hated English people, we stopped our children from going to schools. Now, we have stopped ourselves to protest against misuse of freedom of expression and freedom of speech. We have locked up ourselves with our boundaries. If the banning is stopping something, it is stopping the youth of Pakistan being a part of the global village.

Facebook, an online social network, use to connect people all around the world. It is use as medium of sharing things, information, pictures, interests, tips, techniques and many more. There are many pages on Facebook that supports Islam, support idea of one the only Almighty, support Muslim Unity, support unity in Pakistan and many other good ideas and good causes and just one, just a single page that insults Islam (and Christianity as well). The page is name as ‘Everybody Draw Mohammad Day’. This page has some 39000 fans when last time I visited it. It has many shameful images of God, Prophet (Peace be upon him), Muslims and Jesus as well.

YouTube, largest video database available on internet, has so many interesting, informative and real videos. I agreed, there are some videos that go against Islam, but what about those databases which is exponential larger in number and goes in favor of one Almighty and Islam. The collection of tafseer-e-Quran (translation and explanation of Quran) available on YouTube is so far biggest one I ever find as compare to any other website. It is satisfying to ban those video which are on the whole showing blasphemous but banning the whole websites are simply illogical.

Are we not brave enough to face the reality in the way it is? This is not the time to get locked within boundaries. This is a fight of thoughts and words are weapons, social networks are our medium. If we really want to stop them we have to tell them and pursue them to idea of Islam, in this regard banning could not help in at least.

By means of this post I request PTA and all concern authorities to not the repeat the history by putting such bans. These type of bans are not improving the picture of Islam neither of Pakistan. these bans are just stopping the Pakistani youth to fight for the honor of their religion. We are already suffering because of one mistake made in history. Kindly do not repeat that mistake.

Appeal to President and PM and all Other Officials

It’s an appeal to all Officials- From to President Zardari to City Mayor Mustufa Kamal – to please banned all sorts of political and religious processions and relays in the country. It is announced time to time the country on ‘High Alert’, but w\of what kind high alert is this that militants and terrorists are given chances one after another to do such highly condemnable and brutal acts of mass destruction.

This is banned is ‘must’ be equal for all religious and political groups.

Dedicated to Our Politicians..

Sir Toby: Does not our life consist of the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water)?

Sir Andrew: Faith, so they say; but I think it rather consists of eating and drinking.

Sir Toby: Thou art a scholar; let us therefore eat and drink.

– William Shakespeare in the ‘Twelfth Night


Real Armours for the Real Threats

School, collages and universities, all around Pakistan would remain close a week from October 21, 2009 to October 26, 2009. Holidays always bring cheers and joy to students but this time it brought terror and panic, the panic of being a victim of terrorism. Terrorism has shocked Pakistan this October very badly. Figure of the killed in these terrorist attacks has been raised to 180 (according to BBC reports). It made worst and horrible impressions on students specially. Two bomb blasts at IIUI Pakistan, shocked every student of Pakistan not only IIUI-ians.

Real threat is not that these terrorists are going to kill us; real hazard is that they are making us be deficient in unity, morals and education. Pakistani students, in this high-speed era, lack behind seven days. Today, when every second matters in the world of science technology and education we – the Pakistani students – have missed a trillion billions seconds.

Students, as Quaid –e- Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah used to say, are the future of Pakistan. And this future is left behind to face ignorance, panic and terror. Militants real targets is not our bodies, they want to aim our minds, our unity, our moral values and above all Pakistani sovereignty. This is not a war; it’s a fight for your morals and for your country. They are not only killing us, they are making us mentally paralysed. Militants’ and terrorists’ and radicals’ appetite is not blood and mass, it’s the thoughts and morals that can make Pakistan more flourish.

Pakistan is not just an area with planes, trees, hilly sides and water falls; it is a Motherland. This does not belong to those politicians who come and go before seasons change and not those who; in the hard times, packed there bags, rushed to embassies, get the visas stamped and fly overseas. It belongs to those who suffer and survive of it, it belongs to those to get hurt and die for it. It belongs to us!

We can make it more flourish and more prosper only when we are educated. As Quaid –e- Azam advised students, “Let me give you this word of warning:  you’ll be making greatest mistake if you allow yourself to be exploited by one political party or another… Your main occupation should be – in fairness to yourself, in fairness to your parents, in fairness to the State – to devote your studies.” – (Addressed at Public Meeting Dacca, March 21, 1948).

Do not let yourself be a victim. Real threat is not to our bodies, it is to our mind, thoughts and thinking. This threat is to everything which can do some good to Pakistan. Educate yourself, be aware to danger be familiar with real armour. Education is main power. Get it and go for it. Let the education work to fertile your minds not only enhance your resumes and heavy you pockets. Be aware to real dangers. They can remove our bodies but they can remove the thinking and morals.

Do educate yourself, not only in technology but other fields as well, because now, it is a matter of honour, the honour of Sabz Hilali Parcham (Pakistani Flag). Be aware and do not let anyone to play your morals. Real targets are not bodies; actual targets are morals and unity of Pakistan. May be at some point we belong to different religions, races, colors and culture but above all we belongs to one Motherland – PAKISTAN…!!!

Rise Education,


Mouj Barhe ya aandhi aaye diya jalaye rakhna hai

Ghar ki khatir so dukh jheilein Ghar ti aakhir apna hai


Spinning Wheel is ruling over the Crescent

Just have an eye around; people are so distracted that the entertainment is more becoming a hunger than just a past-time. People want to be entertained even at the cost of their religion, values, ethics, culture and country. In the society we are living the main source of entertainment is Indian Media: Indian movies, Indian dramas, and Indian songs. Be aware of the fact that how badly it portraits Islam, Muslims and Pakistan, we are giving business to them. Isn’t it like we are paying for being insulted?

Where the dignity, culture, ethics and religion gone when people put on posters of actress wearing mini-skirts just to market the cinema’s latest show – a movie just released on the other side of border. In the lust of entertainment are we becoming shame-proof? That we are demanding more and more of such supplies which are insulting and getting the wrong impression about our believes and humiliating our values.

Agreed! Completely agreed with the argument that our film industry is lacking behind in the quality of movies. But, is the movies only source of entertainment or the Indian media is only entertainment provider? We have a very good and well establish television industry which aired better quality stuff as compare to the material coming from that side of border.

Isn’t it feels heartbreaking that a kid studying in pre-school or primary school knows nothing about august 14, March 23, Shawal 1 or Rabi –ul- Awwal 12, but know each and everything about January 26, Diwali and Holi, Not know the name of founder of Pakistan but have knowledge about ever idol lord. What we are teaching to our youth? These are not our values.

Our forefathers have fought for more than a century to let the world know that we – the Muslims – have an identity of our own. We have our own ethical values we have our own believes. This identity is not supposed to be lost that easily. Do not let anyone take over your identity. Do not let other values to forget your own. Don’t let the ache for entertainment take over your ethical values.

“It is good to be helpful and kindly, but don’t give yourself to be melted into candle grease for the benefit of the tallow trade.”   – George Eliot.

Econo-Lovely Candle Light Dinner

Candle light dinner, consider as most romantic idea to have twilight with the one you love. That is a past now that you have a pay a big amount to have a romantic diner or you have to drive more than an hour to reach that restaurant. Now, all you have to do is just cook your favourite food, set the table and the lights will be turned off exactly on the time of time dinner. Power supply corporations even don’t let you to bother you to get up from your place to make the moment most. They also let you disappoint about the timings the of power breakdown.

We must be thankful to our power supply corporations that they made poor have a joy of candle light dinner. Although it was scorching summer nights, but they made their efforts to let poor enjoy the delightful diner which is considered only as rich’s lavishness. Where in the whole world else the this piece of land we are going to find such a ‘caring’ and ‘concerned’ ministries who believe in equals rights for all and Who made such luxuries affordable for all.

In spite of all the blame, bad remarks, protests and harsh situations they – the ministries – are on their way to keep the love alive between people in an ‘economical’ way. Hats off and thumbs up to them.

P.S.  electricity bills are another issue…  🙂

Who is guilty for cartoon issue: Denmark or we?

I strongly condemn the anti-Islamic act of Norway and Denmark. They do not have any right to do such act. But according to the freedom of expression they can write, sketch or publish anything that they want to do. But one thing is really disturbing me, who is really guilty for all that: Denmark and Norway, who had misused their rights of expression or we, who had built a mistaken image of our religion on their minds?

People understand what the see in real practice not what they told in speeches, literature and books. In real practice, we proudly say ourselves citizens of ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN, but where is Islam in this republic??? Loud music, western dresses, corruption, dishonesty, no respect for elders, no affection for younger… that’s all isn’t Islamic teachings. If we don’t have any respect for our teaching and our religion so why we expect that others will do so.

These days, the commercials and dramas and shows we see on TV, none of them airing anything Islamic from story to dialogues, from dresses to festivals and from traditions to moral values. We are keeping on copying whatever shown on the other side of border. We released, I must say proudly release their movies which shows Muslims as extremists, corrupted, terrorists, drug dealers, smugglers, suicide bombers but nobody protest against that. We do proud hanging posters in which girls wearing western clothes, mini skirts, short dresses but no one protest in front of concerned authorities to remove those things. Why don’t our leaders and ullamas and moulivis condemn that? That’s something more serious than cartoon issue. Those cartoons were made and published by non Muslim in a non Islamic country. But these all activities that I mentioned above are going on in an Islamic country.

If we want other to respect our religion and our values so I think first we must respect our religion and values. Its we who give them opportunity to do such things. It was portrait of Islam made by us which Denmark and Norway published. If we want the whole world to respect Islamic values I think we should with our homeland first. We must have to stop each and every non Islamic activity in our country. Otherwise we don’t have any right to show the finger on others.

“A good name is like a good will, is got by many actions and lost by one” (Lord Jeffery)

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